Mar 24


Mar 16

Rockin the stache

Rockin the stache

Mar 13


Feb 25

Sep 26

I have entered a dark depressed state.. and can’t find my way out!

May 16

THIS SUCKS… No food, no money, no gas, nothing I can do… And I won’t have any of this till Monday!

May 12

So lonely… Blah

May 04

What is it with females? They act like they like you then when it comes down to actually hanging out they come up with excuses.. this is frustrating… Why can’t this not be a game? It’s not highschool we are adults let’s fucking act like it!

May 03

Day three of not drinking… Doesn’t sound too bad but I know now that I have a problem. This is rough, have a headache, can’t think of anything to do, can’t sleep worth shit.. this is not fun! And on top if it all.. nobody to help me through or to hangout with

Apr 27

Not happy with life right now.. need something or someone.. lonely and bored